The School of Digital and Cinematic Art (SDCA) is offering wide-ranging and comprehensive academic programs for talented youth to become a successful part of the multibillion-dollar industries such as Game Design, Animation, Film and Television. Our programs are practice-oriented providing hands-on training to the students in their areas of interest along with a critical thinking approach closely viewing the history and culture of our region.

SDCA has laid down solid foundations in all aspects of the relevant industry requirements, as students are enabled to unpack the entertainment information and communication world from the general to the specific, and from the theoretical to the practical. A special focus on research work and projects aims to place students at the top of the industry scene. The School provides students with the best professional labs to help them grow into problem solvers with real-life experiences.

The School of Digital and Cinematic Art has introduced initiatives, which combine multiple disciplines aimed at encouraging the cross-pollination of ideas to expose students to new ways of thinking, and effectively train them to grab opportunities in a world where disciplines intersect and where industries are changing at a fast pace. The basic teaching approach revolves around SDCA’s caseworks, an initiative where a series of teaching materials are focused on a single project and used in several core courses simultaneously. SDCA believes in promoting active learning as a core of students’ experience through entrepreneurial training, and a combination of research and practice.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the degree programs offered by SDCA are to encourage students to:

  • Develop their artistic vision and deeper understanding of their disciplines by combining the theoretical and practical knowledge and allied skills.
  • Design innovative games through the latest storytelling techniques..
  • Produce, debate and develop ideas for film and other media that include writing from personal experience, visual and aural acuity, technical excellence, dramatic distillation, and emotional resonance.
  • be capable of visually expressing these unique ideas through film, video, and other new media, and to exhibit a thorough understanding of the concepts essential to the art of directing projects for film, television, documentaries, dramatic narrative projects, and the web.
  • Promote an awareness of cinematic arts, comprising animation, interactive storytelling, game design, visual effects, the web and digital media, and how they all play a vital role in the evolving nature of storytelling in film, television, and the web.

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