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Course Description

This course introduces students to the fundamental context of sculpture and three dimensional design It is intended for students with no previous experience in this area of study The course teaches students several about the basic techniques, concepts, and materials found in the sculptural arts through assignments that investigate particular spatial problems requiring both creative expressivities as well as focused research into the history and social context of this important art form

Course Objectives

Students will
• Apply line, plane, shape, mass, volume, texture, and space in the creation of sculptural form
• Demonstrate an understanding of the technical skills and knowledge necessary to be able to translate a concept into a three dimensional form
• Communicate ideas effectively using the vocabulary of sculpture
• Recognize the rich historical accomplishments in sculpture
• Demonstrate an understanding of the skills needed to attain a quality finish

Course Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this short learning course, participants should be able to demonstrate the following
• Emphasis on model making to reveal concepts
• Work in traditional sculptural media and potential media are clay, metal, wood, plaster, Plexiglas, and stone
• Introduction to technical processes in these media Modelling mould making
• fabricating and welding or carving
• The basics of three dimensional form in space are studied through both additive and reductive processes
• The knowledge and techniques are introduced to finish and present the sculpture

Teaching Methodology

The course is 100 practical and will be taught through a series of assignments, peer learning, and presentations along with demonstrations and audio visual aids for practical activities Research work, class juries and peer discussions will be done in each assignment