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This study will be a contributing step to focus emotions related with infatuation and its effects on academic lost. According to the limited knowledge of researchers, there are very less published researches on this topic in Pakistani context. I have chosen this topic because I have seen so much around me that people fall into it very quickly and how much it effects on their study. I want to make this point through my thesis because when I conducted my survey I found infatuation in 70% of people who were affected by it. Only 5% of people knew about infatuation or romantic infatuation and the rest of the people were not aware of these words.


While writing my thesis paper my state of solitude motivated me to develop my writing journal which became my basic strength through this process. After shaping my manual work in the form of my own style art.  I picked up plaster of Paris to make a hand, block, hand writing machine to make them, old vintage clock, pictures on the wall, all my previous assignments to explain symbolic representation, declining, unreadable faces, timepiece, captivated though writing, overlooking.

The only purpose to use these terms for exploring my work in exhibition is my personal experience which I have been though. This sort of stuff that explains my work properly and to promote students to get over and to understand infatuation easily.


The scope of my project is to make possible proper treatment in the management of the mantle health conditions and other causes that can lead to obsessive love, especially with adequate support. However, this is only possible if the person with feelings of obsessive love is able to seek help and support. By making such topics a frequent part of discussion in college life, we can encourage more healthy dialogue and discussion among students. This will make it easier for them to share their hardships in this matter with each-other, while breaking the Taboo around this topic, especially for the vulnerable and impressionable minds such as college junior year students.