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Sidra Sadeed

The Dread Kingdom


This game is made with the intention of to alive the plat former games. plat former is a sub-genre of action video games in which the core objective is to move the player character between points in an environment.

The game takes place in a fantasy kingdom of monsters. The main focus is to engage players and challenge their exploration skills, how long they take to find the sword and in how much time they complete the whole journey of the kingdom.

The difference between this and other games is the mechanics and environment, this game is the fantasy based kingdom journey with full of new experiences.


  • Gameplay

    Arthur need to fight with the monsters of “Dread Kingdom” and had to reach to their king to get back the sword. Every level will have the power-ups and hurdles. There will always be a flag at the end of every level. After completing a single level he will get a flag that helps him to reach the king of the Dread Kingdom.

    Game Mechanics

    The character will move left, right, and straight also there will be rotation of camera that I will control for movement. He can jump and shoot too.

    Aim / Goals The character aims is to find hidden sword, save from enemies to reach at the end of the kingdom where the main monster of the “Dread Kingdom”.


    Camera view is perspective and it is moving in z-axis. The main focus of the camera is on the right side of the player. Field of view is vertical and its amount is 38.



The Dread Kingdom is basically a plat former game. These days our  gaming industry is more into 3D games with different genres other than plat former. I played so many plat former games in my childhood and I have so many good memories because of them. Basically its a style of video game where the player makes a character move through an environment with a series of action based moves. 

Currently for this project there is one level of the game that is completely developed. I am working on more levels as well.  I planned 2 different environments for it yet and I am working on them.