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Soft Skills Lounge


IAC is honored to launch the notion and execution of the Soft Skills Lounge and Well Being Centre for its students. Presently no institute in Pakistan is working on soft skills and IAC is in alliance with internationally renowned institutes to supplement this program further and create a vast range of opportunities. These professional collaborations will play a huge in providing multiple platforms for students to portray their skills.


Soft Skills Lounge is aimed at inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit into the millennials, thus making them capable to ace in providing viable solutions to existing problems. Triggering their intrinsic competencies and inducing expertise in many aspects is what we look forward to at IAC.


Along with strengthening students’ intrinsic skills, Soft Skills empowers them to understand themselves in a better way, thus also contributing their expertise to society. The development of attitudes and core traits followed by the taming of communication skills and attributes is an integral operation of IAC. Coaching for corporate grooming, inculcating a vision for practical orientation, overcoming the fear of failure, and pacing ahead is what Soft Skills Lounge is based on.


  • Enhancing intrinsic abilities
  • Taming Communication skills
  • Inculcating professional behavior
  • Establishing learning environments
  • Interactive Sessions for social learning
  • Augment Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Boost Team building and Time Management Skills
  • Strategies to enhance acknowledgment and personal growth