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Student Affairs

Directorate of

Student Affairs

The Directorate of Students Affairs (DSA) works effectively to organize the different parts of student life and improvement by producing contact between the student body and the university administration.

The Directorate of Students Affairs assumes the part of the spine of the university and offers a stage for a wide assortment of curricular and co-curricular exercises to the understudies with the goal that they can appreciate the pleasant environment and improved campus life. The basic crucial mission of the Directorate of Student Affairs, nonetheless, is to guarantee that students are protected, profoundly focused, safely treated, and happy with their higher education. The Student Affairs staff works with understudies in a comprehensive way, giving direction and backing to students in accomplishing their instructive objectives and in their self-awareness to take on the obligations of maturely taught people.

The Institute for Art and Culture exceptionally esteems the nature of Education and the conveyance of its scholars and managerial administrations to serve and benefit our young students. Office of the Directorate of Students Affairs assumes a critical part to get the Students and Academia close arrangement. Student Affairs gives a wide assortment of instructive administrations, as well as creative, athletic, and social projects, alongside non-scholastic administrations to the students. As a service organization, the IAC esteems high quality in the conveyance of its scholars and managerial administrations for students’ benefit. Occasionally, a student might feel that the treatment they have gotten isn’t predictable with assumptions considering the University’s true strategies. In these cases, the University wants to have a plainly characterized way for students to communicate their grievances in a way that will give documentation and responsibility inside the organization for giving an opportune reaction and goal.