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Student Well Being Center



At the well-being center, we are committed to promoting the positive mental health and emotional well-being of our students. Our open culture allows the students to come forward with their problems and the key role of the well-being center would be equipping the students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies to deal with the challenges that may impact their well-being.


  • The Well-Being Centre at IAC aims to promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of our students. Our objective is to:
  • Promote positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in all students.
  • Increase understanding and awareness of common mental health issues.
  • Enable staff to identify, respond and refer to early warning signs of disturbances in students.
  • Develop resilience amongst students and raise awareness of resilience-building techniques.
  • Raise awareness amongst staff and instill a culture of students' welfare where everyone is aware of signs and symptoms with effective signposting underpinned by behavior and welfare around IAC.
  • Build and promote an environment and culture that supports mental health and wellbeing and prevents discrimination (including bullying and harassment)
  • Increase students’ knowledge, awareness of mental health, wellbeing issues & behavior
  • Encourage students to talk openly about mental health and reduce the stigma around depression, anxiety, and suicide
  • Support students with mental health conditions regardless of the cause
  • Actively identify, assess and minimize risks related to wellbeing
  • Promote wellbeing
  • Facilitate and encourage students’ access and active participation in a range of initiatives that support well-being.