Short courses have their distinct advantages. They are popular all over the world as they provide students an opportunity to train and develop new skills in addition to making new friends in a new environment. Among the advantages promised by these summer short courses are boosting one’s confidence, honing one’s communication and language skills, addressing a specific education requirement, improving one’s grades, upgrading one’s CV and having a productive time as well as meaningful enjoyment.

IAC is proud of its commitment to catering to the diverse needs of students of different age groups and backgrounds. We have well-trained and experienced faculty that is eager to make a difference in the academic journey of students. We offer an exciting and friendly learning environment. Our summer short courses are some of the best in the market that have been designed by experienced professors in consultation with industry professionals.

Join our vibrant and diverse community of motivated students and distinguished faculty as you satisfy your intellectual curiosity, make new friends from around the city, and explore the various facets of IAC. IAC offers an academically engaging experience for learners. Join our programs or take one among your choices. Enjoy the summer experience that’s right there and tailor-made for your needs. Study, socialize and interact with a vast community of scholars and peers.