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Summer Short Courses



Institute for Art and Culture offers several summer programs to explore academic interest and creative ability. These courses are designed to provide professional training, transformative educational experience, and explore academic interest in art and design. These courses are highly beneficial for those who need ideas for future endeavors, enhance their professional skills, and wish to explore their artistic talent.


We aim to introduce the educational discourse of art and design to our students; who may additionally need to discover such career alternatives in the future and avail their summer time as well. Institute for Art and Culture has always been committed and vigilant in community improvement and such a carrier is an imperative part of our task. Short courses mean learning with practical skills. It opens up many doors for students to learn about a particular field at a particular time. Short courses are a good incentive for a CV or portfolio.



  • The great advantage short courses hold isn’t about a particular field or discipline but the open choice to pick a short course of their interest to gain extra knowledge and professional skills for entrepreneurship or to improve any of their shortcomings.
  • Build up subject matter expertise or explore a new subject for your enrichment.
  • Focus on one or two courses in an intensive academic environment as an aid to further development or look at courses from a different angle.
  • Short courses are very effective, so one can specialize in their field of interest, without investing much. Studying a new field will last a little longer and require less money than a Bachelor's or Master's program.
  • Summer vacations could be more enjoyable by joining these short courses. Moreover, one can gain professional experience and observe campus life at IAC.