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Slice isn’t just a game, it also simulates the sense of business strategy. The player as a shopkeeper got to give accurately cut food items to the customers. The real joy of the game is in handling the shop, from laying down business track.

When playing this game you have to consider how much quantity of food is required if you want to be a successful shopkeeper. The goal of my game is to keep the customer happy and get more tips.

With simple gameplay, this game can be played by anyone on mobile device.



This free-to-play single player game immerses players in the management of shop, where players can control the movement of knife to cut down the variety of food items. When you cut the food item precisely the customers continues to give the tip that adds up to the profit percentage of players’ earning.

This game is for you if you want to have good service skills and the ability to work with customers.This game is made in such a way that a player will seize the opportunity to whip up delicacies virtually either during traveling, short work breaks, or even before going to bed.