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MOHLIK (Comic Book)


The aim of the study is to introduce this genre of horror comics in Pakistan, to bring awareness, knowledge and to build a trend of reading such themes.

Other countries like Japan produce manga (comics) because they are doing experimental work from the beginning and the audience is developing interest in it. Therefore, a similar pattern is anticipated to occur in Pakistan based on the surveys done to understand the interest level of our local demographic.


The comic book is intended to be published in the month of June.

It is a complete story but a theme is provided to make further series of this comic story. The upcoming series would be available after a short span of time. This horror comic book would be available in multiple book stores and on stalls in the renowned shopping malls. Moreover, whenever there would be a comic con in Lahore, a stall would be booked as well. Advertisement will be done before the formal events to attract the customers. The target market precisely targets the audience who are interested in reading horror comics. It is expected that the audience will be increased due to word of mouth. A short survey was done that revealed that the specific target customers are aged 20 – 25 years who are keenly interested in this genre but it’s unavailable in the market.


To venture in the market of comics generally and horror comics specifically, we intend to make stories which are placed in local context. Adopting local culture and characters, a more relatable content will be produced to engage the local audience effectively.