Institute for Art & Culture (IAC) is the first educational institution in Pakistan that offers free of cost online ZERO semester catering to the needs of prospective undergraduate students across the faculties of Art, Humanities and Information Technology. As part of this semester, a special focus is placed on communication skills, academic writing, mathematics (calculus) and drawing. The purpose of this facility is to expose students to the requirements of their prospective academic program and lay the foundation in core areas. The linkages and associations students form in this class will stand them in good stead for group study and other collective activities. It is a unique opportunity of learning and forming a life-long bond with the Institute as well as your peers.

Academic writing is important for each student as it is not only central to his/her communication skills but also more importantly, a crucial criterion to judge the efficacy and quality of his/her writings as part of the degree requirements. It is a means through which he/she is able to analyse certain information and build a discourse analysis to make sense of information on any topic.

Developing the capacity to frame and ask relevant questions in a formal setting remains fundamental to maximizing the learning outcomes. Through a variety of structured and unstructured activities and exercises, IAC helps students master the art of formulating the right kind of question and then gives them the confidence to raise it in a class.

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