INTRODUCTION Center for Energy, Environment and Economy at Ozyegin University in Istanbul was established
in 2009. CEEE focuses research and development projects which will have lasting impact to Science Engineering Architecture and to Society. The objectives of collaboration with CEEE by CEEE -IAC are

  • 1. Local Capacity Building.
  • 2. Replication of CEEE as a working group under CCER IAC.
  • 3. Local Capacity building is planned to be achieved through hands on trainings/
  • workshops/ seminars delivered by experts from CEEE Ozyegin University. The areas
  • identified for local capacity building include:
  • 4. Life Cycle Assessment of Buildings.
  • 5. Sustainability Strategy Development for a typical construction project in Pakistan.
  • 6. Energy Simulations for buildings to increase energy efficiency of buildings.
  • 7. ICT/IoT in developing information system for energy efficient and smart buildings.
  • 8. An opportunity of short term exchange program for IAC’s undergraduate/graduate students.
January 8, 2024