“Heritage music live concert” organized by an alliance of IAC, EU National Institute for Culture and FACE Foundation for Arts Culture and Education enriched the mission to strengthen, empower, and educate communities through the universal language of arts and cultural interactions. This integral collaboration with FACE and EUNIC accompanied Local and Foreign Music artists who performed a mix of both eastern and western music genres. Building Trust, developing competence, increasing interdisciplinary interests, affirming collective welfare, interwinding multi-lingual backgrounds, and fashioning colors into an amalgam of all cultures. EUNIC, FACE, and IAC stand in coherence to deliver the dexterity of diverse art forms to the millennials. BANDS from all across the globe were here to mesmerize in the rhythm of their sonata. In no time IAC was immersed in the ocean of melodious compositions.

Development of communication, entrepreneurial and co-creation skills of indigenous creative students through collaborations and workshops is the aim of MOU. Students will tend to have exposure to the experience and interaction of different renowned experts with a number of consecutive sessions.

December 23, 2023