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Dean's Message

School of Art offers an array of art courses across multifarious specializations and disciplines, all these disciplines engage students to materialize their talent and create harmony between physical space and creative impulse. Due to diversity and multiplicity of courses, student constantly exchange their ideas which help them to develop assortment of ideas and creative work in different forms and styles.

The faculty of the school of Art is vibrant, highly professional and always willing to extend and share their knowledge with their students.

Fine Arts

Textile Design

Graphic Design


Connecting the gap between Traditional and Contemporary art, School Of Art offers degree programs with an integrated approach to Art and Design learning. The School of Art believes that the highest canons of creative excellence are achieved only when theoretical clarity matches expert practical knowledge. Therefore, rigorous studio practice is placed at the center of the School’s academic structure. The studio practice is complimented by a comprehensive History of Art and Theory of Art component that looks at local and global histories and theories of art-making as a way for our students.

Vision & Mission Statement

  • To create an academic environment that is tolerant, encourages intellectually stimulating and incisive discussions and respects diversity of opinions through interdisciplinary approach.
  • To encourage holistic thinking based on the awareness of the cultural context for generation of ideas/knowledge through research, design and collaborations.
  • To develop an understanding of creative, aesthetic, theoretical and the technical aspects in the fields of Architecture, Design and Urbanism.
  • To enable students to develop an understanding of dominant global discourses in the field and apply them to the local settings.
  • To enable and guide students to formulate their thoughts/ideas into researchable content and offer policy advice to the governments and industry through industry-academia linkages.
  • To develop communication skills (both oral and written) for an efficient and effective expression of ideas through special courses on language and presentation techniques.
  • To instill strong work ethics among students in academic pursuits and professional practice.

Shape Your Career

Become truly exceptional at what you do. We are dreamers, thinkers and doers, dedicated to the goal of changing the world for the better. We educate students to have an inspired life with life-changing goals and enriching experience.